Monday, 25 March 2019

My mom got saved y'all

I thought I post about this so that I can remember 24/3/2019.
I know its not in vain that she walked up to the front of the church to give her life to Christ.
I pray its not in vain
Now the follow-up.
I will remember this for days to come.
All I can say is
God's got this


Saturday, 23 March 2019

Giant hug

I received a giant hug from heaven this morning
Last night before I went to bed
I said a prayer
The prayer was
Dear God,
How much more can I take?
And I included anymore
But its complicated
Before I shut my eyes
I cried out
God I cannot take anymore but I am thankful
And I slept
I had said an earlier prayer as I was walking home from work and it sounded something like this
God please take this gut wrenching pain of single mommy hood
And as I am writing this
I am praying that this day will end well
That giant hug felt good
When I woke up
I did not have a plan
I was worried
But God came through
I was worried about my daughter
I was worried how the day will turn out especially leaving her with the nanny
There were many thoughts running in my head
But God gave me this giant hug that felt like everything was going to be okay
I felt covered
And here I am writing this
And yes
I will pray again
That this day will end well


Sunday, 17 March 2019

God's got this

Today was a struggle
Well during the day
And I am typing this out right now
To be honest it takes sheer courage to write this...the title and all
I am praying that God will meet me where I am
I am crying out to God
I do not want normal
I want more
My soul wants more
Somehow I ended up in different places today
And it could be my soul was searching profusely
The first place I ended up was a pizza inn place and I ended up ordering soda
Later in the day,I found myself in a fries place and I ended up ordering tea
After taking tea,I found myself craving for coffee
And somehow wished I was in a coffee house sipping my coffee and living my best life
But in all those thoughts
I was reminded that God's got this
God's got my situation
God's got the nanny I have
And I was reminded to rest
Just rest
Rest in Him
Rest in His power
And I immediately went home.
God's got this.

Please pray for me.


Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Another precious call

I received another precious call today
And immediately after the call I felt uplifted
Before the call
I was overwhelmed
I had hit a wall
I was going into prayer
To ask God to help me
Help me to stop feeling this way
That way
But then came the call
And after the call
I could not help but pray
I could not help but thank God
For loving me
For caring about me
For honoring me
Have you ever felt that way?
Like you have hit a wall and you just need God?
I want to encourage you to lean in
God can surprise You in any way
It could be another precious call like mine or something else
I am so glad God came on time
And I pray He does the same for you too
And yes I am looking forward to more precious calls


Sunday, 10 March 2019


Dear God,
I do not want to be lonely
That was my prayer the whole of last week
I was lonely at work
I was lonely at home
I felt alone
And at some point I felt abandoned by people and God
It was hard
I wrote this prayer in my bedroom blackboard praying that God would hear me from the depths of my soul
It was a cry
It was a heart cry
And somehow I got through that week
My friend who I call a God-connection encouraged me to blog about it today
After receiving a precious call from her today
And honestly its hard
Its hard writing this
The distractions are many but God has graced me
What if I could not have gotten out of my lonely moment or snapped out of it
Considering I also happened to fall ill at the same time by getting a flu
What if the loneliness could have spiralled out of control and became depression?
What would I be now?
Maybe struggling with suicidal thoughts
Which to be honest I have struggled with in the past
But God brought me out
I do not know how
But He did
And one of the ways He used to bring me out of it is through my mom's birthday because we gathered together as a family and it felt good
One of my friends who had been sharing with my frustrations had not been responding to my WhatsApp messages
And she is expectant
I was trying my best to understand that she might be going through something herself but in that moment of thinking about all that I got an idea!
I call it a God idea to blog about my experience with loneliness and the current season I am but as fast as that thought came was as fast as it ended
Another voice told be no!no you cannot blog Jacque,you do not even have a laptop of your own and so many excuses ran through my head.
But that precious call changed everything and here I am blogging about it hoping to encourage someone
Another friend encouraged me to write and this may not necessarily be a note of encouragement, its a blog post of encouragement that God can use my imperfect words to encourage someone today,even if its just one person.

Disclaimer! I will not be advertising this blog post but I will be working on my Instagram to see if I can share the link there. I am praying that God will help me open up to share my story. Pray for me as I pray for you.

My prayer is that God's love will be strong enough to meet us where we are and it is.

God's got this


Tuesday, 9 February 2016


For every weakness,God has strength.For every feeling of hopelessness,He can give hope and joy to help us endure and rise above what we have been through or are going through.
There are many people who have or are going what you are going through.And yet God has brought them through not just by changing their situation,but by giving them the strength and joy to endure.
God has not failed me nor has He left me alone.
I have to choose to stop focusing on my situation and start focusing on God.
There are things that God wants to pour into me but i am not allowing Him to.
Be still.